10+ Best Anti Bowler Base Layouts From TH10 to TH11 2017

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Bowlers are still a viable attacking composition. At this time it’s the most frequent I see against my base since Miners were nerfed to be useless. That’s why I decided to update this guide with some fresh things that work quite well for me defending against Bowlers.

How to Defend Against Bowler Attacks?

Let me start with the basics and show you how Bowler attacks work. Once this is understood, we will see their weaknesses.

How Bowler Attacks Work in General

Bowlers have a decent amount of health, deal proper damage, and can hit secondary targets with their ranged attack. Especially while under a Rage spell, they can wipe out sections of your base in seconds. A normal attack always works the same way:

  1. Funneling (most often with a Queen Walk or some Bowlers at the sides of the base).
  2. Sending in some Giants and Healers with the rest of the Bowlers and the Heroes.
  3. Rage Spells make them destroy the base faster and Freeze Spells and Jump Spells support.
  4. You will lose either 2 Stars or 3 Stars (which depends most of the times on the Heroes the attacker brought).

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How to Defend Against Bowler Attacks | Anti Bowler

The Bowlers themselves run the whole show, so the only way to make the attack fail is by stopping them:

  1. Cut their lifeline; they won’t survive long without support
  2. Kill them very fast

I think you see where this is going – we can either kill them fast and/or get rid of the Healers that support them.

What I did over the past month was try out a new defensive mechanism. I start checking where most of the attacks against my base start from and then make this the hardest part with traps, etc. I only need to win 1 out of 4-5 defenses to break even.

TH10 to TH11 Anti Bowler Base Layouts

Since I am moving up to TH11 so I’ll be tweaking all of my bases so I thought I’d share the ones I have so people here can see some new ideas for their bases. Most of my bases are unlike anything I see out there and they have served me well so hopefully you guys like them and find them helpful.

Basic Ideas behind my bases:

  • Segmented Infernos are king when it comes to anti-3 bases these days(This means the infernos in a 6×6 box by themselves).
  • I tend to make “core less” bases, meaning I don’t have a ton of defenses right in the center. Bowlers and Valks tend to take these bases out way too easily, especially when getting hit by a TH11 who can pop warden ability in the core and walk through it untouched.
  • GB locations are huge. Double and triple giant bombs are the best way to stop an attack in its tracks, unfortunately warden ability can make them worthless so I try to spread them out at times so the warden ability cant save the bowlers from them all.
  • Anti-queen walk. This should be obvious at this point, but never have defenses stacked up on each other around the outside of the base. Best way to stop a queen walk is just to make it take too damn long for the queen to get anything worthwhile. You can also set up some traps for her by having a spot where the inferno will hit her while walking around (Base #1 has this in 4 places where the queen will hit the inner torages and be in range of the inferno).
  • Last, XBows are just as important as infernos in a lot of ways! Since air is essentially dead at the moment keep them all on ground, spread them out and keep them away from the infernos. You have 5 essential defenses so keep them away from each other and make the attacker take them on one by one as to not take advantage of the warden ability.

Finally…here are the bases (from my favorite to least favorite):

TH10 Anti Bowler Base

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TH10 Anti Bowler Base Layout

TH10 Anti Bowler Base Design

TH10 Anti Bowler Base Design 2017

TH10 Anti Bowler Base Layout 2017

TH11 Anti Bowler Base

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TH11 Anti Bowler Base Design

TH11 Anti Bowler Base Design 2017

TH11 Anti Bowler Base Layout 2017

TH11 Anti Bowler Base Layout 2017


Let me know what you guys think and if you do use them let me know how they work out!

Oh and if you’re in war against me you better not use these to your advantage…

Hope you liked our guide keep visiting Clash of Clans Base






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