BH3 Base Layouts – Builder Base 3 Designs June 2017

Base Design matters a lot in Versus Battles – it is half of your success and no matter how good you’re in attacking, if your base gets constantly wrecked you won’t be able to get into the higher Trophy Ranges where the loot is good. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for BH3 and will also update them constantly.

Builder Hall 3 Base Layouts

BH3 Base Layout Without Crusher

This base layout is for those of you who haven#t build the Crusher yet. It focus on pushing Boxer Giants out of the base with the Push Traps as soon as they enter the base and this works extremely often.

bh3 defensive layout

BH3 Defensive Layout

This open layout is messing with attackers a lot as the Giants will always go for the open spots (and get pushed out again by the Push Traps (leaving the supporting Archers/Barbarians unprotected). It’s not possible to get the Town Hall by sniping from the back.

bh3 defensive desgin

BH3 Layout “The Pusher”

This effective layout uses the Push Traps to push attacking troops (often times Boxer Giants) into the Crusher. In this case, the attacker has no chance to get past 30% on your base. Sniping with all Archers is also not possible here as the base covers the whole area with defenses – one of my favorite bases on Builder Hall 3!

bh3 defensive layout 2017

Builder Hall 3 Defensive Layout Anti 2-Star

This is an extremely popular base layout, for a reason! It works great and it’s very hard to get even 2 Stars against it. If you have all Army Camps and upgraded your troops, you want to use this base layout as it will bring you the victory when you get 1 Star in your attacks almost all the time.

The double layer of walls make it impossible to break in there (unless using Bomber) and the defensive power on the other side is insane, pushing tanks directly into the Crusher. Even if somebody manages to get your Builder Hall, it will be a low 1-Star attack with less than 40%, so you can still make it a victory with a decent attack from your side.

bh3 defensive new layout

Another Anti-2-Star Base for BH3

If you want a more individual Anti 2-Star layout, you can use this one here that uses a more complicated funneling in front of the Builder Hall.

Giants will still walk around the base to enter at the open spots (and get either pushed into the Crusher or enter the Spring Trap. Also air attacks are not possible against this layout, since the Firecrackers are well-protected to make it a low 1-Star attack, if even that.

bh3 defensive layout new


Defending is a very important part in Versus Battles and having a solid base can help you getting a lot of victories, even if you mess up an attack and get a low result. These bases here are all proven to get good results up to 1500+ Trophies and I used all of them myself for at least 20 Versus Battles to see how they perform.

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