14+ Best Builder Hall BH5 Bases | Trophy and Defense Layouts 2017

Base Design matters a lot in Versus Battles – it is responsible for half of your success and no matter how good you are at attacking, if your base gets constantly wrecked you won’t be able to get into the higher Trophy Ranges where the loot is good. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for BH5 and will also update them constantly.

Features of Builder Hall 5:

Good designs have some of the following features:

  • Some floating walls and wall gaps to funnel the attackers troops into your traps and into defences they don’t want to deal with first (like the crusher).
  • Well placed traps to inflict early damage (mines, spring traps) and pathing chaos (push traps) before the enemy gets into the core.
  • Resist both air and ground attack by having air targeting defences and ground targeting defences arranged so as to make any combined/kill squad attack hard (e.g. air bomb next to crusher) and so as not to leave the defences of one type clustered together (e.g. Don’t put air bomb and firecrackers all next to each other in one location.
  • Don’t locate defences in easily snipeable locations – it doesn’t help if a defence goes down with only one troop deployed to snipe it at the start.
  • Don’t use corner buildings. It isn’t likely to help as there aren’t many 3 stars overall: it’s just giving away easy percentage to give your opponent a higher 2 star. Not only are those undefended structures, they’re also not helping slow the attacker on their way to taking down your defences.
  • Use high hp non defence buildings to shelter key defence items that can shoot at the troops taking down those buildings (eg. Long range archer tower inside base behind a clock tower just outside wall).
  • Don’t make an anti 3 star design with a very offset BH or worse an outside BH, as that’s giving away 1 star cheaply to begin with.

Builder Hall 5 Base Layouts

BH5 Base Layout 2017

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BH5 Base Layout Anti 2 Star

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Builder Hall 5 Base Layout 2017

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BH5 Base Layout June 2017

Builder Hall 5 Bae Layout June 2017

BH5 Base Layout with Cannon 2017

Best BH5 Base Layout

New BH5 Base Layout

Latest BH5 Base Layout 2017

Base BH5 Layout

New BH5 Base 2017

Latest Builder Base Layuot 2017

Builder Base 5 Layout 2017

Brand New BH5 Base Layout


Defending is a very important part in Versus Battles and having a solid base can help you get a lot of victories, even if you mess up an attack and get a low result. These bases here are all proven to get good results up to 4000+ Trophies and I used all of them myself for at least 20 Versus Battles to see how they perform.

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