[Base] 21 New BH3 to BH6 Builder Base Layouts for July 2017

Builder Base layouts need to be up to date because the technique how your opponent attacks adapt a lot faster than you would know from your Home Village and the ability to switch out troops before the attack starts let them adapt faster. Here I gathered for you some fresh and well-working Builder Base designs you can use.

July 2017 Favorite Builder Base Layouts for TH3 to TH6

One word of caution first, you also want to check out the trap locations and adapt them a little bit – some of these bases will get quite popular so people know the traps that are a very important element of defense.

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Builder Hall 3 Base Layouts

BH3 Anti 3-Star Base: The general layout is used among all Builder Hall Level and I see it on Versus Battles consistently also for BH5 or BH6 (in an adapted version). The reason it works so good is that it’s hard to handle the defenses and the Crusher and the Double Cannon. There’s no good way to take them out easily without hitting into it with full forces and this means there’s not much more than 2-Star attacks possible.

bh3 base july 2017

bh3 best base july 2017

BH3 Base with funneling: You will see great results with this Builder Hall 3 Base. The open spots will draw all troops into the section, no matter where they get deployed – especially Giants will have a huge problem with it. The Crusher is located in a way that it’s very hard to get sniped over the walls.

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bh3 base july 2017 funnel

bh3 best base july 2017 funnel

Builder Hall 4 Base Layouts

BH4 Base with funneling: I really enjoy this base design due to the internal structure that will give your opponent a hard time getting his troops into your base securely. You will see them either attacking from the north-western or south-eastern side and then they will face either the Crusher or a ton of traps.

bh4 base july 2017

BH4 Newest Base July 2017

Builder Hall 4 Base Anti 3-Star: This Builder Hall 4 layout will protect the Builder Hall with the Crusher very well as it’s impossible to send a suicide squad against the Crusher. When the attacker sends his troops from the sides the troops from the Guard Post will also distract the attacking troops a little bit.

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bh4 best base july 2017

Builder Hall 4 Defense Base: Looking for a design that will give your opponent a hard time with funneling troops? On the first looks, it looks like the Builder Hall is an easy target but the perimeter of this base makes it impossible to just clean out a little bit and then go for the Builder Hall.

bh4 defense base july 2017

BH4 Latest Base July 2017

Builder Hall 5 Base Layouts

BH5 Base with funneling: Want to see an attacker making weird moves on your base? Use this design as it leaves many attackers helpless on how to attack your design.

bh5 base july 2017

BH5 Epic Base July 2017

BH5 Base Design Anti-Giants & Anti-Baby Dragons: I really like this design because it protects your base against Baby Dragons and Giant attacks very well. The Spring Trap in front of the Crusher makes it hard to trigger the first Crusher hit with a single troop so you will see many Giants getting crushed by it and the Firecrackers and Air Bombs are located in a way that makes it impossible with Baby Dragons to get all of them down. A solid 2-Star attack should give you the victory all the time.

bh5 new base july 2017

BH5 Cool Base July 2017

BH5 Base with funneling: Mass Barbarians and Giant attacks are giving you a hard time? This base will help you, but be sure to upgrade your Spring Traps, Crusher and Multi Mortar to a decent level.

bh5 base july 2017 funnel

BH5 Latest Base July 2017

BH5 Cool Base July 2017

Builder Hall 6 Base Layouts

My Builder Hall 6 Layout: Those of you already owning a Builder Hall 6 might want to use my layout. If you have not all the new buildings, you can also use a BH5 layout above.

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This base will make attackers think that all the Spring Traps are below the Air Bombs, but you can put them on the back area of the Builder Hall where most of the attacks start.

bh6 base july 2017

BH6 Latest Base July 2017

BH6 Base 02

(UPDATED!) Anti 2-Star Builder Hall 6 Layout: Here’s my new favorite base layout that gets barely 2-Stared. The ring around the Builder Hall makes it almost impossible to get the second Star because it’s extremely hard to come by the Crusher.

The air defending setup is also impossible to take down, so air attacks will always come from the bottom (right) side so make sure to set your Mines to air mode there.

bh6 best base july 2017

BH6 Cool Base July 2017


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