TH9 War Base & Farming Base Layouts June 2017

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I gathered the latest solid base designs for Town Hall 9, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts. 

Town Hall 9 War Base Layouts With Bomb Tower

If you’re Town Hall 9 and you’re going to war you often see higher Town Halls hitting your base – that’s why a certain kind of Anti 3-Star approach started evolving in the past month. In this approach, you take the fact that your Town Hall gets taken, but you want to use a base design that will make it very hard to destroy all of the base. Here are 3 bases that work very good for that.

Dead Zone TH9 War Base Layout

The first Town Hall 9 War Base Layout I’d like to show you is a classic dead zone base.

This base forces attackers to go for the Town Hall section where a lot of high hitpoint buildings plus the Clan Castle and the HiddenTeslas will force the attacker to spend a lot of his power – too much to go powerful enough for the rest of the base.

th9 war trophy base june

This TH9 Dead Zone Base works great against Hog Rider based attack, including GoHo or GoVaHo. I only see very skilled players beat this base properly, but most of the time attackers fail big time.

Anti 3 Star TH9 War Base

The second TH9 War Base Layout is without a dead zone, but it attracts attackers with the almost exposed (semi-exposed) Town Hall. Getting 1 Star is pretty easy, but 1 Star is not winning Clan Wars. All the traps and the Hidden Teslas will however force the attacker to spend a lot of his power and make the second part of his attack a lot weaker.

th9 war base june 2017

I’ve not seen this base getting 3 Star attacked so far (air or ground attacks).

Town Hall 9 War Base

The third TH9 War Base uses a non-centralized Town Hall as well. The attacker will have the hard choice of either going in from the north side, probably with Earthquake Spells to get the Town Hall, but no chance getting 3 Stars; or from the bottom and get max 2 Stars, but usually not the Town Hall.

th9 war anti3 base svg

The compartments block the troops and funnel them away from the core. The area organization of the defenses (Wizard Tower area, Air Defense area etc.) will put different waves of damage on his troops and take them apart very fast

Town Hall 9 Farming Base Layouts With Bomb Tower

You always have to choose what you want to protect in your farming base, so I selected some different layouts. Two of them for protecting all your resources with the same priority and a farming base with very strong Dark Elixir protection.

You always have to spread your Storages equally around the base to make it hard for attackers to focus on a certain resource.

TH9 Farming Base with equal Resource Protection

This first TH9 Farming Base Layout is more a Hybrid base layout and tries to protect all resources. The Storages are separated and, although they seem easy to reach, they are always within the second line of defenses. You can also see there is protection against Wall Breakers on all intersections where attackers will try to access your base.

th9 hybrid base june

Gold and Dark Elixir Protection TH9 Farming Base

This second Town Hall 9 Farming Base features an outside ring and protects the core with a double layer of Walls. You can also see that the Storages are protected with all splash damage forces available, especially against attackers who like to try sniping with cheap troops.

th9 farm base svg

Hardcore Dark Elixir protecting TH9 Farming Base

If you’re in urgent need of Dark Elixir and want to protect your Dark Elixir in the best possible way you might want to try this third TH9 Farming Base. There is almost no way to enter the core and go for the ark Elixir, but attacks are easy enough to grant you a shield for getting 30% destruction.

th9 farming base june 2017

Attention! This base was built on a TH10 account, but only uses buildings available on Town Hall 9.


All bases here feature some different approaches, so it’s up to you what you want. My favorites are the second war base and the third farming base.

Hope you liked our guide keep visiting Clash of Clans Bases 


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