10+ Best Town Hall 10 Farming Base Layouts 2017

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It’s time for a new base design. All recent base designs I featured here have become very popular so that they can be beaten by more and more people. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for TH10, Farming Base Layouts.

Note: Some Base are designed over higher Town Halls 

TH10 Farming Base Layouts

If you’re a Town Hall 10 Clasher you know how hard it can be to defend loot in your base. In Town Hall 10 you won’t be able to protect a lot of loot for a long time, so many farmers developed a strategy just to tease and give some easily to get a shield in return.

Dark Elixir Protection Farming Base Layout Town Hall 10

This first base is designed to protect Dark Elixir at all costs – don’t get confused by the kind of semi-exposed Town Hall. It’s all for a cheap shield and your Dark Elixir will be safe in the middle.

th10 farming base july

However, you shouldn’t use this layout when you also want to protect your other resources.

Gold & Elixir Protecting Farming Base Design for Town Hall 10

This farming base works a little bit different – the Dark Elixir here is what most attackers will go for but leave your other resources.

th10 farm base svg 2017

You can switch the Storages around, depending what you’re farming at the time.

The Bomb Tower are under construction in the middle way funnel.

Allround TH10 Farming Base Layout

This last TH10 Farming Base Layout tries to be an all round farming base, protecting all your loot with the same priority.

TH10 farming base bomb tower 2017

You can expect to lose one or another Storage, but not more than half of the available loot you have.

Others TH10 Farming Base Designs

TH10 Farming Base Layout

Best TH10 Farming Base

Top TH10 Farming Base

Latest TH10 Faming Base

New TH10 Farming Base



The base designs I’ve shown you here are not very popular yet. The most popular designs out there are featured in so many videos that many can attack them effectively – that’s why I choose very fresh base layouts.

Hope you liked our guide keep visiting Clash of Clans Base 

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