Farming Elixir Strategies & Tips

I have noticed that as we level up farming Elixir gets harder and harder especially in the Town Hall 1O and above. With more upgrades to do and the inflation in the cost, gather Elixir for you upgrades has become a huge problem.

Upgrading your Grand Warden and the new troops for the level in the Town Hall 11 and Town Hall 12 has become quite a task which is why I decided to share some tips and tricks that you can use to farm more and more elixir so that you can upgrade your troops and building.

With every upgrade that you do and unlock army camp space, the profits on elixirs drops and the price of the army keeps getting higher and higher. The strong attacking compositions do not come cheap even the defenses are not cheap so these trips and tricks might just come in handy. You need all the Elixir that you can get.

Elixir Farming Basics

Before we jump into the tips and tricks for farming let us first understand the basic concept of farming Elixir. Most new players and even some of the old ones are unaware of the basics so I’m going to start by explain what farming is about.

Framing Dark Elixir or the Gold Elixir is very different from farming regular Elixir. A lot of Town Hall 11 farms are growing dark and gold elixirs but that is not enough because you always have at least 200,000 Elixir in army costs, no matter whether you are using Goblin Knife or any other inexpensive composition for the farming.

The league that you farm in matters a lot because most of your profits are coming from the league bonus and the daily bonus that you receive. So I would recommend that you join the Champions League instead of the lower leagues. You can get both the Star bonus and the League bonus as both are connected to the league.

I’m personally farming in Titan League and you see that the League Bonus is making up completely for my army cost and all resources I find in a base is my net profit. The Star Bonus also comes in daily with a nice extra 850,000 Elixir and that let me farm additional 6-10 million Elixir per week – just by farming in Titan league instead of Crystal league as a Town Hall 12.

Many players prefer the lower leagues to get the 1M loot form the whale bases but the thing is that it would not cover the cost of your troops in case of the Elixir. So instead of farming in the lower leagues you need to shift to higher leagues with bases offering 300k in Elixir that will help you make 100k profit.

Army & Attacking Tips for Farming Elixir

You need to understand that your army is the second biggest thing that you need to adapt to while farming Elixir. You need cheap army because if your army is expensive then you won’t be able to farm Elixir effectively.

The solution to the problem is that you use more of your Dark Elixir so that the cost of the regular elixir is lowered. This doesn’t mean that you should only use dark elixir because that way you would be broke so use both effectively and adapt to the armies as much as possible.

With pretty much the same army and attacking strategy, you can 70,000 Elixir by investing 700 Dark Elixir – a deal which will help you make you a good profit over time.

Attacking Strategies for Farming Elixir

There are a number of farming strategies that you could go for but I would personally recommend these two attacking strategies:

  • Farming with LavaLoonian
  • 3 Star Attacking Guide for BoWitch

Most people prefer LavaLoonian because it is not dependent on the Queen Walk plus you get to use it while the heroes are upgrading and you get the 70% 1-Star & 2-Star that you need to make a profit in Elixir. However, those of you that are into bowlers can use the Bowditch strategies to farm cheap elixir and much more of it as well.


The need of Elixir arises when you upgrade to a new town hall and you have to upgrade all of your buildings and defenses and so much more. This is where is starts to pain so you must have a list of things that you want to upgrade and in what order because it is going to take a lot of time.

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