Best TH12 Trophy Base Layouts

If you are planning to legend league the town halls 12 then you have come to the right place because here I’m going to share with you some of the best trophy base layouts that would leave you amazed. Some people just love to push trophies so I decided to compile the list of the top bases that would help them push more and more trophies.

Things you need to know about the TH12 Trophy Base

Before we start looking at the best trophy base layouts for Town Hall 12, you must understand that the purpose of these bases is to only defend the base as much as possible so before you start using the bases make sure that you understand each one properly and know what you are downing because these will leave tour storages outside.

New Trophy Base Layouts for TH12

Without any further due let us look into some of the of trophy bases that would help us push trophies more and more. The trophy bases for TH12 are;

Great Anti-1-Star Trophy Base for Town Hall 12

If you are planning on catching some great defensive victories then this is your base. The key to succeeding using this base is that the base is designed in such a way that the attackers are tricked into thinking that they should enter from the left to reach the Town Hall Faster. What they are not aware of is that there is a high damage point there and you can easily blast out a Queen Charge that would take out a lot of troops. And of course the castle troops would make it difficult for the enemy troops to enter.

Anti 2-Star Town Hall 11 Trophy Base

Even though the first base offers an aggressive defending technique, it could also cause a huge defeat which is why if you don’t want to go for that risk then you can use this base instead that works wonders as well.

This base focuses on protecting the 2-Star in the case where you are not maxed for the town hall 12. The base has numerous number of trash buildings lying here and there which can be taken out quite easily and the traps are less defensive as compared to the base above but still it is a pretty useful base so you can give it a try if you want.

TH12 Farming Base Layout Dark Elixir

You can use this base to protect your Dark Elixir. The base is designed in a way that the Dark Elixir storage is centralized so it is hard for the enemy troops to reach there. The base has worked great for me which is why I’m recommending it. The right side is the mandatory access point for Queen Walks but the Air Defenses are hard to counter and the other sides will get crushed by the Eagle Artillery.


There are other trophy bases out there as well. You can check them out too and see it they work for you because everyone play differently thus they have different needs so choose the trophy base that suits your needs the best and share some with us if you think that they are worth joining this list of the best trophy bases for the town hall 12.

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