Best TH12 War Base Layouts

If you are looking for the updated Town Hall 12 War Bases then you have come to the write platform. Here I’m going to provide you with some of the best town hall 12 bases that you would. With the updated defense systems and protected elixirs that are going to make winning easy for you.

What you need to know about the TH12 War Base 2019

Before we move onto the base designs let us not forget that there are other players as well that use these base designs and watch the replays. Watch the replay 2-3 times and you would know what is inside the base and that is exactly how they will know what is inside your base as well so it is always better to make some changes here and there such as rotating the layout or changing the position of the traps.

New TH12 War Bases

All the bases are equipped with well-designed techniques that would make your town hall 12 base quite strong and winning your next Clan War with the Anti 2-Star base would not be a problem anymore. You defend even the strongest attacking compositions with these bases and hit your enemy hard. So let us move on to the bases now.

Town Hall 12 War Base Anti Electro Dragons

If you are worried about the Siege Machines then this is the base for you because with this base, the siege machine will not be effective anymore as they were before. The Town Hall in this base is positioned in such a way that the Wall Wreckers can’t break through any of your important walls and the Battle Blimp won’t be able to tank anything of yours. What makes this base the strongest is the great defenses that are placed in the core. Try this new base and have some fun.

Anti 3-Star War Base for TH12

You probably want your attacker to run out of time so that he doesn’t get the 3 Star. Now this is where this base comes in handy because the core area of the base is equipped with a double layered wall. The enemy would have to funnel through to get in which would take most of his time and with the Queen Charge that is supposed to pull the CC troops. The best way to make sure that your attacker doesn’t get the 3 Star is to use this base so give it a try.

TH12 Base Layout

This base no doubt works wonder. You might have seen it in the TH12 live stream. The thing that makes this base great is that the Giga Tesla of the base is protected by an Inferno Towers that would crack open the Siege machines in seconds. Plus the bomb tower and the giant bombs would blow the troops


Create new base designs and keep that element of surprise active at all times without doubting yourself. Defend your important positions and you would be good to go. Regular changes here and there would help you keep the attacker distracted and confused. Remember that these are not all the bases so if you do find something good and think that it will fit here there share it with

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