TH7 War Base & Farming Base Layouts

Here you will find the latest Town Hall 7 base layouts that would help you keep your defenses up at all times. There are a lot of bases on the internet but it takes a lot of practice to find the one that will suit your needs because at the end it all depends on the enemy. What you enemy has and what he is going to use to attack you base.

In the Clan war it is clear that a higher base level will attack your base. Even though this is only possible if another Level 7 base isn’t able to 3 Star you base but still you must be prepared at all times. Upgrading your base with these designs will help you give the enemy a headache and make the War worth fighting.

Town Hall 7 War Base, Trophy Base & Farming Layouts

Let us look at some of the best base designs that we have found on the internet. Whether it is War base design, Trophy base design or farming layout, you will find it all here. Instead of going through all the bases, I have taken the liberty to make a list of the top bases that there are.

Town Hall 7 War Base Anti Everything Layout

This base hall design is one of the best ones if you want to defend your stars during the Clan War. The base has a separate town hall core that is protected by air defenses which makes the dragon attacks useless. The outside of the ball has certain compartments that drag the attacking troops away from the core.

Anti 3 Star War Base Layout TH7

The base design has a very compact wall layout and has a lot of defenses in different sections of the town hall that keeps it protected from all kinds of attacks from all sides. The storages slow down the attacks of the enemy troops plus the funneling troops make it hard for the army to get it.

Hybrid TH7 Framing Base

This base is best for you if you are not into pushing trophies and want to protect some of your resources. The Dark Elixir in the center of the compartments keeps you upgraded and protects you from Barbarian King Upgrades. The base is protected both from the inside and the backside with air defenses to keep your core protected.

TH7 Farming Base Layout

Farming is always a walk on a thin line, you need to offer at least some of your loot for the farmers that want easy loot – otherwise you’ll risk that only those who want a 3-Star go for your base. The Dark Elixir Storage is this base is protected in the core and has quite amazing defenses alongside the storage to keep the loot at the minimum level.


These bases are new editions thus most of the community will not be aware of them. This gives you an edge is surprising your enemy and keeping the loot at the minimum level. The element of surprise is something that is going to help you win the Clan War.

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