TH8 War Base & Trophy Farming Base Layout

If you are looking for the some of the best Builder Hall 8 layouts for Clan War, Trophy Framing and Pushing then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of designs on the internet that you can use to design your base but most of them have become quite famous which is why we need to upgrade and make some changes from time to time.

Before we look at some of the new bases, I would like to suggest you that you make some changes to your internet base. The reason is that, the internet bases are very popular at times. When more and more people download it and beat it then they will become aware of what is inside your base even before the war starts. This will increase your chances to lose the Clan War which is why changes are necessary.

New TH8 War Base Layouts, Trophy Base Layouts & Farming Base Layouts

Let us look at some of the top Town Hall 8 designs that can help you defend your base from the attacks of enemies that are at higher town hall level. Let us dig into some of the best bases that have become quite popular in the past months.

Town Hall 8 War Base Design

This base is famous for defending your base from the air defenses such as the dragon attack. The center of the base is secured with Wizard Towers and Sweeper the center of the base strongly protected. This is one of the best bases that would help you win the war.

Trophy Base TH8 Design

If you are serious about pushing trophies then this base is the best one for you because it doesn’t compromise. The base will protect your percentage point and your stars at all cost. The more hit points will help you slow down the attack of the enemies.

Hybrid Town Hall 8 Farm Base

This base has some nice defending troops placed in areas where the Clan Castle will be easily be able to defend it. Side attacks from the balloons will no longer be a problem if you have placed air defenses in even the small spots. The base helps you save a lot of your stars.

Farm Base Design for TH8

This base is all about dividing the different storage places so that the enemy can’t attack all of them. This helps you keep your base secure because funneling to the core is not an easy task and the enemy would most probably not go for it.

TH8 War Base Anti Everything Layout

The key protection in this base is the funnel troops that keep the army of the enemy away from the center of the town hall. The base has a lot of defense troops that protect you from all kinds of attacks. The more troops there are the busier the enemy is going to be and is likely to run out of time.

Anti 3 Star War Base Layout TH8

This base is one of the best ones because it protects you from all the attacking strategies such as dragons, hog riders and Valkyries. Dragons won’t be able to pass through the air defenses and the Valkyries would get stuck in the compartments whereas the Hog Riders will run out of time. your base will be protected.


The key is to alter the bases that you find on the intent so that no knows what hit them. Predicting the insides of your base will be quite hard for you enemy if you had made some changes to your base. All the above bases are good. It all depends on what you are protecting your base against.


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