Top 10 Best Town Hall 10 farming Base Layouts

Top 10 Best Town Hall 10 farming Base Layouts

The best is here! This very powerful TH10 Farming base has a number of the simplest farming methods of Clash of Clans. Not solely the outer layer is luring for troops, the inner core will get pretty intense too.

The super powerful Mortars Associate in Nursingd Air defenses mix along to defend the bottom against all types of attacks whereas the core is rock solid itself! This base has been tested in Champions league and you may for sure win an awful smart with this base!

BEST TH10 Farming Base w/ NEW BOMB TOWER | town hall 10 Hybrid Base TESTED! [2019]

This wonderful TH10 war base is our favourite. The Bomb Tower is that the best feature of the bottom that gives it super powerful defense and a tremendous boast. the opposite options of the bottom includes the planning and structure.

The walls square measure very sturdy and with multiple compartment, the bottom will simply fail Mass Dragon attacks and GoWipe Strategy. This base has been tested and has evidenced to be very economical in Farming.

Top 10 Best Town Hall 10 farming Base Layouts

TH10 Farming Base 2019 | town hall 10 Dark Elixir Farming Base

The next TH10 farming base is as wonderful as the other or we tend to shoud say better! This farming base provides a hundred protection to Dark Elixir storages and there’s no probability that any enemy will ever funnel his troops in.

The defensive measure of the bottom is basically powerful and with Hidden Tesla, X-Bows and Mortars the bottom troops also are handled virtually. we tend to tested it at the Champions League and you’ll see the results yourself down here!
Best TH10 Farming Bases with two Bomb Tower 2018. Hey clashers, hope you’re doing well, within the diary post we tend to square measure up with the simplest COC town hall th10 farming base anti hogs, bowlers, miners, Valkyrie. thus let’s have a glance at the awing layout styles.

This clash of clans th10 farming base will withstand:

  • Golem, valkyrie, wizards and pekka combo.
  • Queen walk with giants, wizards and valkyrie’s.
  • Lava Loonion attack strategy with queen walk.

This layout style is tested at titan league and it performed well against numerous attacks. The higher than mentioned layout has separate compartment having inferno towers set at multi targets to defend opponent troops. this can be a 2 superimposed compartment base having long vary defense in outer section and high injury defenses in inner compartment.

BEST TH10 Farming Base Design


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