7 Best Town Hall 10 War Base Layouts

7 Best Town Hall 10 War Base Layouts

Looking for a solid TH10 War Base which will assist you shield your stars in kinship group Wars? You’re at the proper place!

Here you’ll notice the newest and most powerful base layouts for town hall 10 which will assist you win your next kinship group War with their anti 3-Star style.

All bases here feature the up-to-date techniques in base style to defend well against all widespread attacks.

TH10 War Base – General information 2019

Before i will be able to show you the layouts, please detain mind that you just should perform some changes before victimization them:

TH10 War Base – General information 2019

Change the lure positions!

7 Best Town Hall 10 War Base Layouts

Rotate the layout!

This is necessary to not provide weaknesses simply – multiple individuals here use the layouts and you don’t need them to grasp wherever your traps square measure.

Best th10 war base will defend attacks against

  • Anti Bowler
  • Anti valkyrie
  • Anti Air Attacks (Laval Hounds and Balloons).

First within the list is Associate in Nursing high town hall 10 war base.This is one in every of the layout within the list that has distinctive construction. this layout has four totally different boxed compartments having 2 inferno towers within the opposites of the bottom that covers entire defense buildings around them and if we glance at outer compartment that has air sweepers deep within followed by x-bows. simply observe however smartly this base style is made.

Town Hall 10 War Base 2018



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