10 Best Town Hall 11 Farming Base Layouts

10 Best Town Hall 11 Farming Base Layouts

Town Hall within Farming Base style

Let’s begin with some belongings you can need to succeed with a farming base to form it a decent farming base:

  • You don’t need the aggressor to urge several resources
  • You want that you just get a protect from the attack (or defense, from your perspective)

This means we are going to want a base that will:

  • Protect our resources
  • Forces the aggressor to destroy our village for a minimum of half-hour (otherwise we tend to won’t get a shield)
  • The aggressor has to use a minimum of thirty third of his full army housing area avalable (or we tend to won’t get a shield)

Easily spoken, you’ve got to urge the aggressor to speculate a heavy quantity of troops to require down loads of your structures.

What Your operating Farming Base should Have

The crucial issue is that your town hall itself can hold an affordable quantity of your loot.
If you’ve got two Gold Storages and a couple of Elixir Storages, it’ll hold 1/3 of your total Gold and total Elixir – if you’ve got four Gold and Elixir Storages it’ll be 1/5 of your total Gold and Elixir and 1/4 of your Dark Elixir.
Your town hall is currently price the maximum amount as a Gold Storage, Associate in Nursing Elixir Storage and the Dark Elixir!

3 Wrong makes an attempt On creating a Farming Base Layout

Here ar 3 things that I still perpetually see folks doing. simply don’t mate, they’re solely creating you lose resources and time.
I will show you why:

1) Exposed town hall with several Traps

Formerly called the “Troll-Bases” with several Traps to urge the aggressor to speculate a minimum of 1/3 of his army.
trolling base with exposed government building and hidden tesla around troll exposed government building

This will not work as a result of to urge a protect you would like to suffer a minimum of thirty third destruction. you merely can gift the aggressor 20-33% of your loot reciprocally for quarter-hour Village Guard!

2) Expose Your town hall beside unimportant buildings

This concept covers the matter of 1) as a result of you expose enough buildings, therefore the aggressor will take them intent on reward you an inexpensive protect while not going for the complete attack.

The problems aren’t obtaining smaller – what you’re really doing isn’t tantalizing somebody to relinquish you an inexpensive protect, you’re encouraging the aggressor to require a major a part of your resources while not an enormous troop invest. Also, the aggressor is aware that he can solely get the complete loot bonus at seventieth destruction and select the full base – and you already offered to require third of it for pretty much free!

3) Semi Exposed city Halls

This is one among the largest mistakes I’ve seen therefore far! after all, some folks ar getting down to style new base layouts that adapt to the Dec 2015 Update changes and much of them build an equivalent mistake: treating the town hall sort of a regular Storage. I mean styles like this, you’ll see the town hall is accessible quite easily:


The Storage is within the medium outside layer Associate in Nursingd unfold am fond of it would be a Gold or Elixir Storage – however it’s abundant more! It’s a Gold AND Elixir AND Dark Elixir Storage and you don’t need to supply that cheap! albeit the aggressor takes down a Gold and an Elixir Storage, you may save the Dark Elixir if your town hall is not one of them.

TH11 within Farming Base Layouts with Bomb Tower within

In the initial half we tend to lined the essential mechanic changes which will force us to use completely different base layouts for our farming base style and currently i would like to indicate you some which will work for your village.

10 Best Town Hall 11 Farming Base Layouts

TH7 Farming Bases with an indoor town hall

The first one is my personal favorite as a result of it protects all resource storages all right. folks locution that the Mines and Collectors ar simple bait ar right, however with the flexibility to attack underneath the protect you may collect the resources out of it terribly oft, therefore I don’t see a drag therewith.

TH7 Farming Bases with an indoor town hall

TOP 3 TH11 Farming Bases 2019

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