BEST Town Hall 11 WAR BASE 2019 | TH11 War Base – General information

BEST Town Hall 11 WAR BASE 2019 | TH11 War Base – General information

Before i will be able to show you the layouts, please detain mind that you just must always perform some changes before victimization them:

  • Change the trap positions!
  • Rotate the layout!

This is vital to not provide weaknesses simply – multiple folks here use the layouts and you don’t need them to grasp wherever your traps area unit.

BEST Town Hall 11 WAR BASE 2019

Best TH11 War Base anti 3-StarLayout

With the simplest ways and effective lure placements, this TH11 war base is one amongst the strongest base in town hall 11. The dead zone here is that the key to secure that last star. It will assist you forestall damages from Bowlers or Valkyries and keep them from targeting the core.

1- Th11 War Base anti 3 Star / anti Everything TH11 War Base style

Here may be a powerful base which might work wonders even though the aggressor uses the foremost clever and cleverest techniques. This TH11 war base combines the strengths of associate opposing- Gowipe and Anti Dragon ways. Gowipe and its variations adore GoWiWi ar most ordinarily used and aren’t any doubt a number of the foremost powerful techniques however this base will beat all of them. the location of air defenses and Wizard Towers can facilitate in taking down the bloody Loonians and Lavaloonian.

The Air sweepers boost the greatness of the war base with Eagle Artillery. The social group castle troops aren’t simply lured out.

This base is, overall, a tough to defeat and for that last star, this base is that the best one.

2- Best Th11 War Base opposing mythical being Base style

In TH11, the Double bombs become quite inefficient that turns a bonus for the aggressor. however, this base is intended especially for those nasty Valkyries. With lure placement everywhere the bottom and within the most unpredictable areas, this base is a wonderful Anti-Valkyrie base. So, one amongst the danger element of the attack is cleansed out before they reach the core.

3- Town hall 11 War Base Layout anti mineworker, anti Bowler, anti Valkyries

TH11 war base ar typically left vulnerable for mineworker, Bowlers and Valkyries however this TH11 war base will sweep all them off in minutes. The open areas likewise because the most unpredictable one- traps ar unfold everywhere the place to require down the Miners, bowlers and Valkyries. Also, the situation of inferno tower can bring down the enemy troops quicker, targeting ten enemy troops at a time. confirm you set the Inferno Tower to multi mood. this manner’ll kill additional enemy troops at a time and additionally deal nice injury to them. If you don’t do that, the aggressor can take advantage of this soft spot and destroy your base.

BEST TH11 WAR BASE 2019(Layout)

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