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TH7 Base all opposing drag and opposing Hog and opposing giants War Base 2018-2019
The bases bottom that rankings across all the others countries in TH7 war Bases is that this one right here! i’ll give you the simplest prime most base. This COC War Base is extremely sensible defense inside a couple of of their absolute most unspeakable and maintain a state of utmost worry monsters of Clash of clans . while not an issue i’m talking regarding Dragons ” Hog riders and Giants. every of these with one who is forced to go away their home country thanks to war might harm your Base till you’re awake to it additionally to win you’re in would like of a Base which can kick some asses. Right here during this specific base, we’ve planned of the weather to handle them and build there attacks get unsuccessful. This coc TH7 war Base includes air defenses. Air defenses ar a lot of sturdy on this th seven base defence. that ar sensible against dragons and balloons attacks with a couple of floor ways corresponding to giants. try this specific base and permit them to lose there attacks with minimum lose done.

Best prime Most TH 7 Trophy Bases 2018 – 2019

At government building seven attackers most favaurite troops ar Dragons with few Hogs riders. Hogs ar chiefly there to destroy Air Sweeper and defense For all of the attackers UN agency aim their ways to Base with Dragons along side Hog riders in TH7 , then you wish to prepare your ways get up them initial. opposing Dragon Base and this can be the bottom style with this specific. opposing Dragon, ” opposing Hog set up we tend to ar attending to be victimization to urge a TH7 war Base which has victimization air defenses along side traps.
The set up used this can be very not simply a precise common one that is unquestionably associate degree quality as perhaps not most of you in person attackers can have the power to divide the middle. This opposing dragon base and additionally opposing Hog set up can fetch you some wins and build your trophy go up.

Best Level Town Hall 7 Trophy Pushing Layout

Best Th7 War Base 2019 prime three from currently. With opposing Dragon base four to eight , opposing Hog opposing three star opposing 2 Star With three Air Protection base nine to fourteen
Dragons ar somewhat capable to air protects and additionally they get shield — opposing dragon Strategy acts sort of a powerful weapon against them and additionally works the simplest. This wonderful th7 war Base gets seventy five xmas dragons attacks then the conventional troops was established. which can be simply the one to focus on on in town hall 7 trophy base.


Focusing on air strikes to protect against the dragons that along side hog riders, this coc TH7 war bottom is hard heart against in all probability absolutely the most dread monsters in COC.

TH7 Trophy Layout 2018 – 2019 New Update CoC

2017 With strategic offensive techniques with dragons along side hog riders assaultive your own base, you would like the simplest th seven base for opposing three star TH7 war base with opposing dragon however will handle the simplest defcence, opposing Hog to possess a rock solid defense to hold out them. And this Th7 war base is best for associate degree opposing three well-liked or opposing 2 well-liked. Combined with 2 air protect this war base will simply take hogs and every one of the dragons out so they get there attacks unsuccessful.

TH7 Trophy Layout 2018 – 2019 New Update CoC

TH7 wars get robust and you would like to amass more durable so as to win. As your base fully grown stronger keep change your defense.

 BEST Trophy Base Layout Defense Strategy

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