Best Town Hall 7 War Base | Level 7 Layout Explanation

Best Town Hall 7 War Base | Level 7 Layout Explanation

The first base style within the list has smart compartments. If we glance at the positive aspect of this style, this layout has nice placement of defensive structures in separate compartments. These style has all right organized bombs, traps. air defense area unit artfully placed to defend against dragon. even if it’s like a simple doable effort with dragons, however once AN assaulter begin assaultive, Dragons wont follow the route they need expected, due to clever arrangement of defenses during this layout style.

Town Hall seven war Layout will face up to Attacks Against:

  • Dragons
  • Giants
  • Hog Riders

Now this can be a motivating layout. There area unit several treats about this style. There area unit smart placement of

Tesla beside air sweeper in separate section.
Very well placed traps (spring traps, bombs and big bombs).
Great use of storage’s at correct places to defeat opponent troops.
So, what makes this AN anti dragon and anti hogs war base. As you’ll be able to see the defensive measure area unit all right deep within the bottom encircled by storage’s. you’ll be able to observe double big placed aspect by aspect to require out the complete army of hogs.

Whereas 1st and second base has compact construction having air defenses equally encircled the bottom.The placement of wizard and archer towers area unit smart that cowl one entire block to defend enemy attacks.

Best Town Hall 7 War Base


Overall this build a high level seven war base that has all right arrangement of traps, defenses.

So however will this defend ?

Here we tend to area unit with another town hall 7 war base. This style is difficult, that has defensive measure placed precisely wherever it’s ought to be placed. Let assume the attackers attacks with dragons from very cheap aspect of the bottom.Now at this time of your time dragons are going to be approaching the air defenses, air sweeper comes into actions that plays an honest half in saving star.

COC (TH7) Town Hall 7 Base

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