Best Town Hall 8 War Base 2018

Best Town Hall 8 War Base 2018

You are at the right place. Here we’ve Complied the list of best TH8 war Base styles of 2018 which will Defend Dragons, Golem, and Hog Attacks. area unit you sick and uninterested in obtaining your bases 2 and 3 asterisked each single time? Or area unit you simply making an attempt to arrange your base ? Either method, this text can facilitate you! you are feeling like banging your head against a wall once you lose each single defense! therefore with none more ruckus, we have a tendency to area unit jumping right into the center of Associate in Nursing ocean of guides! Let’s start shall we?

Best TH8 War Base Layouts

If you’re trying to find a goof war base layout for TH8 that may assist you in kinship group Wars, you’re here at the correct place! This page can provide you with the most recent and most powerful base layouts for government building eight that may assist you win your next kinship group War.

All bases here feature the up-to-date techniques in base style to defend well against all well-liked attacks.

TH8 War Base – General information 2018

Before i’ll show you the layouts, please detain mind that you just should perform some changes before exploitation them.

Best Town Hall 8 War Base 2018

TH8 TROPHY BASE DESIGNS (2018) BEST Town Hall  8 Layouts

On the top we have the best TH8 war base ever and there is a reason for that. Some of the most hard-to-break attacking strategies include GoWipi and Dragons. You will either win with flying colors or be ripped to shreds- there is no in between. But with this base, there is only the possibility of the former. This base will power-up your defense with the amazing anti-Gowipi tactics. Making the base packed, widespread elements, so it is as hard as it can be for the enemy to funnel his troops into the core. Channeling is used perfectly here. So, even if your opponent breaks in they won’t get to the core but go around it instead.

Dragons are another point of concern for anyone who is designing their base and this base have took care of this too.

This town hall 8 War Base Defends against:

  • Dragon attack,
  • Gowipe attack,
  • Govalk attack,
  • Healer-wizard attack,
  • Giant-archer-wizard attacks,
  • Valkyrie attacks and different minor attacking strategies.

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