9 BEST Town Hall 9 Farming Base Layouts

9 BEST Town Hall 9 Farming Base Layouts

I gathered the most recent solid base styles for town hall 9, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts. I got several emails/comments recently regarding that includes some solid TH9 Base Layouts, thus i believed you may appreciate a post with some sensible ones I found.

All bases are now updated

Before I begin, I’d wish to offer you some recommendation. If you select to use an online base layout – they often get very fashionable, thus individuals learn to handle and beat them. It continuously helps to adapt them a touch bit.

TH9 Farming Base Layout for Dark Elixir Protection

You’ll need tons of Dark Elixir at Town Hall 9 and this base is the perfect one to help you protect it – the core area with only the Dark Elixir Storage is the last part that gets attacked and your opponent will either have to 3-Star your base or make a very high-percentage 2-Star attack to get it.

TH 9 Farming Base Layout

This base here focus also on protecting your Dark Elixir, but it also puts the other Storages into locations that aren’t that easy to reach as the one above.
9 BEST Town Hall 9 Farming Base Layouts

The advantage is, obviously, that you just will shield some Gold & Elixir likewise however the draw back is that the likelihood of somebody creating a giant and robust full attack against your base is higher.

TH9 Farming Base – General information 2019

Before i will be able to show you the layouts, some vital words regarding farming bases at town hall 9:
With ten Storages (4 Gold Storages, four Elixir Storages, one Dark Elixir Storage & city Hall), it’s virtually not possible to defend all of them – the goal of a decent farming base at TH9 is:

  • Not get 3-Stared (then everything is gone)
  • Defending Dark Elixir is that the highest priority
  • Losing 3-4 Storages during a defense is completely ok and not preventable


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