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Clash of Clans Bases

Clash of Clans War Base, Trophy Base and Farming Base Layouts

Best Town hall 9 War Bases

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Best Th9 War Bases | town hall 9 War Base 2017-2018

A strong Th9 warbase is would like for each Clashers to create their fellow kindred to finish.If we’ve a glance cautiously, you’ll realize that TH10 is quite lost currently, particularly in 2017. Most players ar currently TH9 and TH11. i actually is enjoying at TH9 and I’m activity okay at wars. I even have my very own secrets to assist my kindred not lose my stars. It’s my base structure that’s serving to Maine not lose my stars. I even have already spoken concerning TH6 War Bases wherever I shared my best War bases to dominate war.

TH9 War Base – General Information 2018

Before i will be able to show you the layouts, please detain mind that you just must always perform some changes before exploitation them:

Change trap positions!
Rotate the layout!

This is necessary to not supply weaknesses once – multiple individuals here use the layouts and you don’t wish them to understand wherever your traps ar.

Clash Of Clans town hall 9 War Base

Here, I even have shown you my tested TH9 War Bases that you’ll be able to use too for winning your wars from currently on. It’s time to clash like thunder and win and dominate every of the wars you play. If you don’t recognize, there’s associate update coming back this Jan that is inside some days. scan that post moreover to seek out the main points on what the update is concerning and what quite new things you are going to be obtaining this year.

BEST Town Hall 9 (TH9) TROPHY Base Design

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